Welcome to Rubicon Lodge #237

Welcome to our web site. Please feel free to look around. If any of the information you find interests you in Masonry, and in Rubicon Lodge specifically, you may contact us at the address above. Fraternally, the officers and brethren of Rubicon Lodge.

The Meaning of Masonry

The blood of our Fraternity has indelibly colored every thread and fiber of the warp and woof of our national fabric.

That sacred cloth, so boldly framed and emblazoned in the Constitution’s design, strength and beauty was, as Benjamin Franklin so impressed upon his fellow delegates at Philadelphia, already recorded in the Holy Bible, wherein is light.

Look closely.

It is light that begs your individual discovery.

Even more, it entreats you, the discoverer, to take action, to get off the fence, to personally mold and fashion your character more closely as a living stone, in that building, that house not made by hands.

It is for you to be all you can be - if you will but dare.

Then, and only then, is your identity assured, present and future, finally bound up within the mortar holding you to other living stones.

Bro. William Grinnell
Grand Secretary
Grand Lodge of Wyoming

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