Welcome to Rubicon Lodge #237

Welcome to our web site. Please feel free to look around. If any of the information you find interests you in Masonry, and in Rubicon Lodge specifically, you may contact us at the address above. Fraternally, the officers and brethren of Rubicon Lodge.


Our annual service awards "meeting" will be on April 6th.  Begining at 7:00pm with refreshments and fellowship.  Following will be the awarding of our service awards.  We have a number of 50+ awards to give, one of them to our seretary emeritus.  Family and friends are encouraged to attend.

It is once again time to apply for our Annual PM Scholarship.  This year the scholarship is $500.  All applications MUST be in to our Junior Warden by April 20th, 2015.

You can download the attached PDF, or contact our Junior Warden for a form.

It is time for our Annual Mystery "Meal".  In years past we have had issues with the weather on our traditional 3rd monday in February.  This year we have moved it to Saturday, May 2nd and made it a lunch.  We will gather at Browning at 10:30am.  After about an hour drive, we will arrive at our (mystery) location.

Please get your reservations to our Junior Warden, space is limitd andexpected to fill up quickly.

Courage is doing what you're afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you're scared.

Bro. Eddie Rickenbacker
Captain, American Air Force Ace WWI
Kilwinning Lodge No. 297 F.& A.M.,
Detroit, MI, USA

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